About Us

Pest Control Johannesburg

When Pests See Us Coming They Run Away!

Pest Control Johannesburg is a company that was started in Johannesburg when there was a great need to deal with the cities most formiddable pests, rats, mice and cockroaches. With over 30 years in the pest game we have strived to provide safe and healthy services while ensuring to get rid of pests for good.

Our team is made up of qualified chemical scientists, spray technicians and administrative staff members who work together to ensure that the company runs effectively and provides services efficiently.

The mission of pure extermination.

At Pest Control Johannesburg we have now grown to service not anly the city of Johannesburg but also the greater Johannesburg area and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide Safe Pest Control:- By working with health regulated practices, prouducts we strive to provide pest control that is safe for human use.
  • Remove Pests For Good:- We aim to provide pest treatment that will ensure that pests never return to your property ever again and this is made possible through our full service pest control that pest proofs all access points in and out of your property.
  • Affordable Pest Control:- Getting rid of a nuisance should not be a an expensive service and that is why our services are cost-effective to provide everyone with access to pest control.

At Pest Control Johannesburg we also offer specialized pest control services for the following:

  • Insects
  • Small Mammals
  • Wild Animals

Pest Control Johannesburg’s services also include fumigation and we always ensure that our customers are out of harms way. Our services are available for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Call us if your have pests that are busy bugging you and we will take care of them.